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We are an AI centric company.We develop AI and Machine Learning application and deploy in cloud.We are uniting to solve problems.We are assembeling the team of engineers to develop AI centric application.We are also building our own AI community. We help them and train them upto speed and connect them to companies.

Now we are ready to prove the market.We are backed by US advisors, investers to bring AI into real world.


We develop products professionally and deliver in time.


We solve problems in simpler way.


We can also work as partner.


Our team of engineers, data scientists, product managers, and business specialists bring a wide set of skills and experiences building AI and ML platforms at different companies. Our team has built deep expertise with decades of experience in machine learning, databases, and distributed systems. We're building cutting-edge technology to enable enterprises to easily and effectively adopt AI in their businesses, remove the ambiguity about the ROI from AI solutions, and foster a culture of trust in AI.

Tara G C
Co-Founder CEO
Aayush Adhikari
Co-Founder, CTO